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USB/eSATA to SATA & IDE Interface Bridge


  • ACP-2200 Interface Bridge is the first dual-interface product on the market to support USB and eSATA, easily bridging devices such as hard disks or optical drives for users. It allows users to easily connect devices (such as hard disks or optical drives) with different interfaces. It is particularly handy for engineers that often have to simultaneously use 2.5”/3.5" hard disks or 5.25” devices for testing hard disks and computer systems as devices can be quickly installed or replaced. Devices can be connected using the appropriate IDE or SATA interface without having to open up the external disk enclosure. The USB and eSATA interfaces are also easy to use, allowing the devices connected to the ACP-2200 to quickly set up in the computer without having to reboot.


  • Supports USB2.0 and eSATA connections to the PC. Can be connected to SATA and IDE hard disks or optical drives
    LED indicators to show the IDE/SATA device access status
    Thoughtful OTB (one Touch Backup) button designed to support USB backup at the press of a button
    Can be used with eSBR (Easy Storage, Easy Backup, Easy Recovery) application
    Offers connectors for 2.5", 3.5"and 5.25"drives with fool-proof installation Streamline design, goes well with Notebook


  • Built-in ACARD USB/eSATA to SATA & IDE single control chip
    Can be connected to 2 different external devices at the same time: 1 IDE (2.5”/3.5”) device and 2 SATA device
    Supports 3.5”/2.5” HDD of 750 GB and above
    Power adapter for 100V~240V
    Supports overvoltage and instantaneous current protection

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